APL Blossom Time

APL Blossom Time:

APL Blossom Time was written by Mike Montalbano from the IBM Santa Teresa Laboratory in 1981. He published this and other writings under the name J. C. L. Guest. It was performed live at APL 81 in San Francisco. A studio recording was made by Jim Brown and made available on a 45 RPM record by APL PRESS.

These recordings are also available from Bob Armstrong at www.cosy.com/cosy/language/APLBlos/APLBlos.htm and other places.

Live Recording:

APL Blossom Time was performed live at APL 81 in San Francisco by over 1000 people. On stage were L. Breed, J. Brown, J. Bunda, D. Dloughy, A. O'Hara, and Rob Skinner.

MP3 APL_Blossom_time_Live.mp3
WAV APL_Blossom_Time_Live.wav

Studio Recording:

APL Blossom Time was recorded by Jim brown and featured Mike Wheatley, John Bunda, and Brian Duff. It received rave reviews such as "Early orange crate" and "Primitive Folk Art" to quote two of the more positive reviews. Even today, it is sold out in most record stores.

MP3 APL_Blossom_Time_Studio.mp3
WAV APL_Blossom_Time_Studio.wav

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