Building World-Class Analytical Applications

SmartArrays unique array-programming technology and data framework enable us to build analytical solutions that do exactly what users need.

A SmartArrays solution can often be built and deployed in less time that it would take to evaluate the leading off-the-shelf packages.

SmartArrays believes in an agile software development, building, testing,  and refining solutions in close coordination with end users.

 SmartArrays Technology

  • A software platform for building high-performance applications to explore, analyze, and compute with large volumes of data.
  • A column-oriented in-memory database for holding data in instantly analyzed form
  • A software array engine for managing large, memory-resident arrays
  • A class library for working with dynamic multidimensional arrays that works with Java, native C++, and .NET languages 
  • A suite of more than 250 general and highly optimzed routines for working with data en masse.

SmartArrays Technology: The Building Blocks of Analytical Software