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High-Performance Analytic Software since 1999

Building High Performance Analytics for Big Data

New R&D Effort:
SmartArrays in Pure Java

We are working on a new implementation of SmartArrays for the Java environment. Unlike the original version of SmartArrays, which was a Java wrapper on a native code library written in C++, this SmartArrays is 100% pure Java. The benefits are compelling: complete portability across virtually any device and operating system, from supercomputer clusters to smartphones. Java also makes it practical to integrate SmartArrays with the new generation of distributed computing (e.g. Hadoop) and no-SQL data management technologies, nearly all of which are Java based.

An early preview of "Sajava", as we call it, is available to selected clients and prospects. Please contact James Wheeler if you would like to learn more.

Proven Results - Time After Time

For more than a decade, corporations and government agencies have relied on SmartArrays to develop specialized analytical software to solve their most challenging requirements.   If you find that commercial off-the-shelf packages are too expensive, too slow, or too limited to meet your requirements, please invite us in for a no-obligation consultation

Our Unique Technology Advantage

SmartArrays has extensive expertise and specialized tools to develop fast analytical software applications for large quantities of data. Our unique technology combines the analytics-friendly structure of a columnar database with memory-resident vector processing that provides unparalleled flexibility and performance. more...

SmartArrays Version 5:
64-bit, Multi-CPU

The latest version of SmartArrays technology exploits the full power of 64-bit servers with large memory and  multiple CPUs.  more...

You Provide the Data, We Provide the Expertise

Our consultants have decades of performance in building powerful analytical software applicatons. We will work with your own developers and IT department to craft a solution that meets your users' demanding requirements. See our case studies of SmartArrays results.

Let Us Prove It

Not sure whether the SmartArrays approach fits your situation? Invite us to meet with your team for an in-person meeting or web conference to discuss your needs. It's easy, it's enlightening, and it's free.

Partnering with Government Contractors

SmartArrays is a 100% US owned small business, based in the national capital area. Partnering with SmartArrays can help you compete for set-asides and develop new long-term business. more

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